Leverage our years of experience.


Leverage our years of experience.


Leverage our years of experience.


Leverage our years of experience.

Due Diligence


VelocityX TPR‘s deep expertise in due diligence has been gained through years of experience reviewing closed loans. Our independent solutions provide value-add for investors, warehouse lenders, originators, buyers, and sellers.


VelocityX TPR‘s team has built extensive controls around conducting closed loan due diligence, and is able to efficiently review and process such loans using our proprietary technology and process.


Due Diligence and compliance is not a one-size-fits-all process. We are able to leverage our understanding of regulatory requirements to determine the risk to consumers and create in-depth remediation plans.

Mortgage Origination Services

Services Provided to Mortgage Lenders

From loan application to closing…

  • Mortgage Disclosures—prepare and send out to the borrower
  • Loan Officer Assistance—works directly with borrowers throughout the loan process, communicates in Spanish and/or English
  • Loan Processing—reviews docs to ensure sufficiency, interacts with borrowers in Spanish and/or English to explain the docs needed and why needed
  • Underwriting—reviews loan applications and docs to provide a stamp of approval
  • Closing—interacts with all parties (in Spanish and/or English) to get a loan closed/funds dispersed; the primary point of contact for the borrower at the closing table

Loan Fulfillment

Expert Services

We offer comprehensive, end-to-end solutions for retail, consumer-direct, and third-party originators. We have designed customer-centric solutions throughout the entire loan lifecycle, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Loan Modification



VelocityX TPR is unique in its end-to-end ability to conduct modifications in Spanish or English for Hispanic consumers. Our unequaled native language capabilities and cultural bonds increase trust and engagement with consumers. This enables significant foreclosure savings due to our higher modification conversion rate.



VelocityX TPR‘s experienced team is ready to work within your lender’s system, following its P&P’s, all on a white-label basis. Our experience enables us to outperform (per-unit) a lender’s existing staff.


VelocityX TPR built its team with scale as our focus. Our team is the same that processed tens of thousands of loans per month but is now empowered to do more through our proprietary technology and process.

Bilingual Fulfillment

Native Language Authenticity

  • VelocityX TPR has an end-to-end ability to conduct fulfillment (processing, underwriting, closing) in Spanish or English for Hispanic consumers
  • The key is our bilingual staff
  • Achieve significantly improved customer service by providing Hispanic consumers with a way to interact with their lenders in either English or Spanish


According to NAHREP, Hispanic consumers represent approximately 10% of all mortgage consumers, and by 2028, greater than 50% of all new home buyers will be Hispanic.

One of VelocityX TPR‘s founding principles was to serve this consumer market, and our focus on hiring bilingual staff enables us to help these consumers navigate a complicated process.


VelocityX TPR‘s bilingual loan processing services help mortgage lenders achieve higher customer satisfaction scores than ever before. By providing these services entirely in Spanish (or English, however, the consumer prefers), VelocityX TPR is able to engage with Hispanic consumers in their native language (as opposed to communication, language gaps, which is the norm today).



Understanding Hispanic culture allows VelocityX TPR to better engage with Latinx consumers, build deeper trust, and help them navigate through a normally complicated and invasive process. Our goal is to better serve this growing population segment!